Read the Latest Issue of Active Member News

November 15, 2019 - This issue highlights five steps to tackle in your 40s and 50s around your finances, SHEPP's funding status, and answers to a couple of frequently asked member questions. Fall 2019 Active Member News.

SHEPP's Funded Status Improves Again

November 15, 2019 - The Plan's funded status has once again improved based on SHEPP's actuarial valuation performed at December 31, 2018. The going-concern founded ratio impoved
to 96%, and contribution rates remain unchanged. To learn more, read the 2018 Valuation Summary.

Deferred Member Annual Pension Statements have been mailed

May 24, 2019 - If you are a SHEPP member with a deferred pension, your 2019 Annual Statement has been mailed, along with the Spring 2019 Newsletter. If you have any questions about your statement or need to update your personal information, please contact our office or log in to SHEPPWeb.

Watch for your Annual Pension Statement in the mail

April 30, 2019 - The Spring 2019 Newsletter and your Annual Pension Statement were mailed today. When you receive your statement, review it carefully as it includes important information including your designated beneficiaries, pension estimates and a summary of the benefit entitlements you've earned up to December 31, 2018. For more information, check out our online guide to understanding your Annual Pension Statement. Active members can also view their statement by logging into SHEPPWeb.