Getting Started with SHEPPWeb

What is SHEPPWeb?

SHEPPWeb is the secure online pension information service for active Plan members.

Once you've logged into SHEPPWeb you will be taken to a secure site where you can manage your personal pension information and perform a number of calculations to help you plan for retirement. Services available include:

  • Pension Projection Calculator: perform unlimited pension projection calculations;
  • Prior Service Purchase Calculator: perform unlimited prior service purchase cost estimate calculations;
  • Current Service Purchase Calculator: perform unlimited current service purchase cost estimate calculations;
  • Manage Personal Information: view and change personal information including your contact details, and spousal information;
  • Designate your Beneficiaries: designate your primary and contingent beneficiaries and trustee;
  • Annual Statement: view and print your most recent Annual Pension Statement;
  • Contribution and Service Details: view your contribution history and accumulated credited service;
  • Request Calculations: submit a request for SHEPP to prepare a pension estimate or prior service purchase calculation and send it to you by mail; and
  • Password Management: change your password.

How do I Login?

A SHEPPWeb login button is located on the right-hand side of every web page. When you click the "LOGIN NOW" button you will be directed to the secure portal login page.

To login, enter your user name and your password.

  • What is my Username? Your username will always be your SHEPP Member ID, which can be found in your welcome letter and on your Annual Pension Statement.
  • What is my Password? If you've never logged in to SHEPPWeb before, you will need to use the temporary password assigned to you in your welcome letter. If you have misplaced the temporary password, contact SHEPP to have your password immediately reset. A new temporary password will be provided to you over the phone. When you login with the temporary password you will be prompted to choose a new password.

What if I have forgotten my password?

On September 26, 2016, SHEPP upgraded to a brand new SHEPPWeb. As a result of this transition, it was necessary to reset all passwords, including that of our members. In mid-September, you should have received a letter in the mail with a new temporary password that would enable you to login to the new SHEPPWeb and create your own password. If you have logged into SHEPPWeb since September 26, 2016 and have simply forgotten the password you chose, you can retrieve your password by clicking the Forgot your password hyperlink below the password field on the login page.

Visit the Video Tutorials page for more information on loggin in, updating your pension information and using our pension and service purchase calculators.