Income Tax & T4A

Can I change the amount of income tax deducted from my pension?

Yes. To change the amount of income tax withheld from your pension, you must complete new federal and provincial income tax forms (TD1s). Download the TD1 and TD1SK forms from Revenue Canada's website or contact your local tax office or SHEPP to obtain copies. If you reside in a province other than Saskatchewan, you must complete the appropriate provincial TD1 form for your province of residence. Download Form.

You can also write to SHEPP and request that additional income tax be deducted from your monthly pension payment. Your request should include your SHEPP Member ID number and your signature.

For more information refer to the Tax Forms Information Sheet.

What is a T4A slip and why do I receive one each year?

SHEPP will send you a T4A slip for your SHEPP pension (retirement or survivor pension) by the end of February each year. The T4A is required when you file your income tax return. It shows the total amount of pension paid to you during the previous calendar year and the total income tax deducted.

T4A slips are mailed to your home address. If you haven't received your tax slip by early March, contact SHEPP by phone at 306.751.8300 or toll free at 1.866.394.4440 to confirm your mailing address. Sign in to SHEPPweb to download and print a copy of your most recent T4A slip.