Current Service Purchase Calculator

If you are going on an approved unpaid leave of absence (LOA), your SHEPP membership will continue. But since you will not receive pensionable earnings during your leave, and required contributions won't be remitted to SHEPP, no benefit will accrue during that time. However, by purchasing credited service during your leave, you:

  • Continue to accrue credited service
  • Continue to build your pension as if you were still working.

Credited service is used to determine both your eligibility for, and the amount of your SHEPP benefits. By increasing credited service, you can increase your pension benefit and retire with an unreduced pension at an earlier date.

For more information refer to the Current Service Purchase (Leave of Absence) Information Sheet.

To purchase current service, you are required to remit both your share and your employer's share of required contributions through pre-authorised debit payments payable each month during your leave. All current SHEPP active members can perform their own current service purchase cost estimates by accessing the Current Service Purchase Calculator on SHEPPweb.

To use the Current Service Purchase Calculator:

  1. Sign in to SHEPPweb. If you've never used SHEPPweb before, check out Getting Started with SHEPPweb or view the Introduction to SHEPPweb video on the Video Tutorial page.
  2. Select "Use a Pension Calculator" from the Web Services menu on the left.
  3. Select the "Current Service Purchase Calculator" button from the middle of the screen.
  4. Enter all relevant information in the calculator.
  5. Click "Calculate."

For an official cost quote or to proceed with a prior service purchase please contact SHEPP.