Plan Booklet and Brochures

Plan Booklet
SHEPP's Plan Booklet provides helpful and detailed information about the main features of the Plan as well as a wide range of topics relevant to all members - from new members who just joined SHEPP, to those nearing retirement. The Plan Booklet is updated and published annually. Download Plan Booklet.

Plan Summary Brochure
The Plan Summary Brochure provides an at-a-glance look at SHEPP's pension benefit and Plan provisions, including summarised explanations of membership eligibility, contribution rates, the benefit formula, retirement eligibility and more. A printed copy is provided by employers to all new SHEPP members upon their enrolment in the Plan. Download Plan Summary Brochure.

Retirement Brochure
This brochure offers relevant information specific to those members who are preparing for retirement. It includes information on choosing a form of pension, taxes and how to manage pension information in retirement. Download Retirement Brochure.

Welcome Brochure
The Welcome Brochure provides information valuable to our newest members as they embark on their careers. It contains an explanation of the Plan design, tips for getting a jump start on building a SHEPP pension and some helpful information on how life events may affect a member's pension. Download Welcome Brochure.