Pension Information Sessions

How can we help our employees plan for retirement?

SHEPP is committed to providing Plan members with the pension information needed to plan for their retirement. Every spring and fall, we travel throughout the province to deliver our retirement planning presentation to Plan members at employer sponsored seminars and union conferences.

Retirement Ahead. Are You Ready?

SHEPP?s retirement planning presentation is a great first step for members who are about 5 years or less from retirement. This 1.5-hour presentation will help SHEPP members learn more about:

  • their SHEPP pension plan;
  • SHEPP's retirement milestones;
  • how to start planning for their retirement; and
  • where they can get more information during the planning process.

SHEPP members are welcome to bring their spouse/partner and are encouraged to bring along their latest SHEPP pension statement.

How do we schedule a Pension Information Session for our employees?

SHEPP appreciates the opportunity provided by employers to reach our Plan members in person. We are happy to travel to multiple locations if participant interest warrants it, and/or incorporate Telehealth to reach those employees in outlying areas. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

SHEPP has suspended in-person presentations until further notice. Please encourage your employees to sign in to SHEPPweb to view the Retirement Ahead recorded presentation.