The primary objective of the Board of Trustees is to secure members' benefits. Every decision made and every change implemented is done so with the goal to strengthen the Plan's funded status so that contribution rates can be kept relatively stable and future pensions can be paid. SHEPP relies on the best tools at our disposal: good governance and sound policies. The Board of Trustees has developed and implemented a Funding Policy and a Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures that will help SHEPP achieve its long term goals. Together these policies recognise that, in the short-term, SHEPP's current funding gap will require higher contributions but in the longer term our investment strategy strives to keep contribution rates affordable without taking on too much investment risk.

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In a defined benefit pension plan, like SHEPP, funding is truly a long-term and ongoing consideration. While a funding gap exists, we believe we are making meaningful progress toward fully funded status. Read more.

The Board's main goal is to ensure SHEPP has sufficient funds available to pay the benefits promised to members. To achieve this, the Board employs a prudent investment policy focused on earning the best possible returns within an acceptable level of risk. Read more.

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