Your Pension Statement

Why did I receive a Pension Payment Confirmation Statement?

The Pension Payment Confirmation Statement provides detailed information about your pension payment and any deductions (e.g. income tax) as of the payment date. It is not a bill, but rather confirmation of the pension benefit you will receive. In the example below, a brief explanation of each component of the statement is provided.

Pension Payment Confirmation Statements are not issued every month. You will receive a Pension Payment Confirmation Statement the month your pension payment begins. Following that, you will only receive a statement each January or if there is a change to your payment amount (e.g. you turn 65 years old and are no longer eligible to receive a bridge pension). If you require a copy of your most recent Pension Payment Confirmation Statement, sign in to SHEPPweb and choose Access my Pension Statement in the Web Services menu.

How do I know exactly what my monthly pension payment amount will be?

Each statement includes a column which provides the "current" or monthly amount as well as the "year to date" amount which is a running total from the beginning of the calendar year up to the "Payment Date" printed on the statement. The amount you can expect deposited to your account each month is the "NET PENSION" in the "CURRENT MONTH" column.

Sample Pension Payment Confirmation Statement