Changes to personal circumstances (e.g. marriage, divorce) may impact your pension benefit. This section of the website provides detailed information regarding:

If you are married or in a common-law relationship, your spouse is entitled to certain benefits under the Plan.

You may designate your children as beneficiaries, and should you not be survived by a spouse when you pass away, they may be entitled to a death benefit under the Plan.

Leave of Absence
Because you are not making contributions to the Plan during an unpaid leave of absence (LOA), you are not accumulating credited service nor building your pension. You may choose to purchase an LOA on a current service or prior service basis.

Strict rules exist regarding the accrual of your pension during periods of disability.

On the breakdown of a spousal relationship prior to your retirement, a calculation of the value of the SHEPP pension may be required for the purpose of establishing the value of the family property.

Change of Employment
Changes to your employment circumstance, like reduced hours, layoffs or a termination may have an effect on your pension.

If you terminate employment and Plan membership before you are eligible to retire, you may be entitled to a termination benefit.

Plan provisions include a death benefit payable to your surviving spouse or designated beneficiaries.