Partner Committees

SHEPP's governing document, the Trust Agreement, assigns authority to two appointed bodies: The Board of Trustees and the Partner Committees.

There are two Partner Committees providing equal representation to participating employers and Plan members. The Employer Partner Committee is appointed by 3sHealth, and the Union Partner Committee is appointed by the five settlor unions: SEIU-West, CUPE, SUN, HSAS and SGEU.

The Partner Committees are collectively responsible for Plan design. Fundamental changes to the pension benefits must be negotiated and agreed to by the Partner Committees.

SHEPP's Partner Committee Representatives

Union Partner Committee Employer Partner Committee

Janice Platzke (Chair)

Richard Phillips (Chair)

Bashir Jalloh

Leanne Ashdown
Saskatchewan Health Authority

Karen Schmid

John Knoch
Jubilee Residences Inc.

Tanya Schmidt

Sara Knowles
Saskatchewan Health Authority

Donna Trainor

Nadia Maruschak-Clay
Saskatchewan Health Authority

Kelly Miner

Lynn Sanya
Saskatchewan Health Authority

The Partner Committees meet collectively, approximately twice per year, to receive Plan updates, other important information and pension education from Administration. They also meet with the Board of Trustees during its Annual Meeting each spring, where they receive an annual report on the Plan's funding, administration and investments. The Partner Committees may also meet independently.