Marriage (before retirement)

How does marriage affect my pension?

If you are married or in a common-law relationship, your spouse is entitled to certain benefits under the Plan.

Pre-retirement Death Benefit

In the event you die before retirement, your spouse is entitled to the death benefit regardless of who you have designated as beneficiaries. To waive entitlement to the pre-retirement death benefit your spouse must sign and submit the Spouse's Waiver of Pre-Retirement Survivor Benefit form.

Post-retirement Survivor Benefit

If you have a spouse on date of retirement, you are required to elect to receive your pension in a form where no less than 60% of your pension is payable to your spouse for life following your death (Joint Life 60%). Only your spouse on date of retirement is entitled to receive a Joint Life survivor pension upon your death. To waive the survivor benefit your spouse must sign and submit the Spouse's Waiver of 60% Post-Retirement Survivor Benefit form no more than 90 days prior to your retirement. For more information refer to Choosing a Form of Pension.

Spousal Relationship Breakdown

A SHEPP pension falls within the meaning of family property, and as such may be subject to a division of property on the breakdown of a spousal relationship. For more information refer to the Spousal Relationship Breakdown (Pre-Retirement) Information Sheet.

How does SHEPP define a spouse?

In accordance with the Saskatchewan Pension Benefits Act, 1992 (PBA), SHEPP defines a spouse as:

  • a person to whom you are legally married at the relevant time; or
  • if you are not married, a person with whom you are cohabiting as spouses at the relevant time and who has been cohabiting continuously with you as your spouse for at least one year prior to the relevant time.

The relevant time means "at date of death" with respect to the pre-retirement death benefit and "at the date of retirement" with respect to the post-retirement survivor benefit.

Should I provide information about my marital status or common-law relationship to SHEPP?

Yes. It is important to keep your personal information up to date, as your marital status and age of your spouse will affect your retirement benefit. You can view and update personal information, such as name and birthdate of spouse, on SHEPPWeb.