Board of Trustees

Message from the Chair

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Saskatchewan Healthcare Employees' Pension Plan (SHEPP), I welcome you to our website.

For 56 years, SHEPP has been at the forefront of the pension industry in Saskatchewan. With over 55,000 members and more than $6.8 billion in assets, SHEPP is the largest defined benefit pension plan in the province. And while the Plan continues to grow, our mission remains to serve the best interests of our members. We continue to push for excellence in pension plan administration, governance and the provision of benefits.

Changes in the pension landscape have left SHEPP with some considerable challenges. Increasing life expectancy means the Plan will be required to pay pensions for a longer period of time, and financial markets are expected to remain volatile, with subdued investment returns and low interest rates. However, SHEPP's Board of Trustees and Administration continue to meet this challenge through a proactive and thoughtful approach to risk management and Plan sustainability. By optimising the asset mix and constructing a well-diversified portfolio, SHEPP continues to meet its main funding objectives: securing member benefits and stabilising contribution rates.

We also continue to work on achieving the goals laid out in the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan which provides a roadmap for progress as we move through the remaining years of this decade and beyond. By working towards a stronger relationship with SHEPP's Partner Committees, enhancing the long-term viability of the Plan through innovative investment and service strategies and driving a culture of resilience and excellence at SHEPP, we believe we will continue to deliver on our pension obligation just as we have for over five decades. We are proud of that tradition, and strive to work with integrity, accountability and transparency in achieving it. We hope this website reflects those efforts.


Jeff Stepan

SHEPP's Board of Trustees

Employer Trustee

Employee Trustee - Retired
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

Employee Trustee

Employee Trustee
Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS)

Employer Trustee
Saskatoon Health Region

Employee Trustee
Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN)

Employer Trustee - Retired
University of Regina

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Board Notes

Following each meeting of the Board of Trustees, SHEPP publishes Board Notes. These summaries highlight the activities and decisions from Board meetings, providing transparency and accountability to SHEPP members and employers.

Code of Conduct

Recognising effective governance structure and its fiduciary responsibilities, the Board of Trustees has established a Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Procedures guide. The Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Procedures is reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees. Each Trustee must sign a declaration upon appointment to the Board of Trustees and confirm compliance on an annual basis for the duration of their term.