This section of the website provides detailed information regarding:

Updating your Personal Information
Contact SHEPP to ensure your information is up to date. Read more.

Your Pension Statement
The Pension Payment Confirmation Statement is mailed annually and provides detailed information about your pension payment and any deductions (e.g. income tax) as of the payment date. Read more.

Pension Payment Schedule
Pension payments are directly deposited to your account on the last banking day of each month. Read more.

Income Tax & T4A
Your SHEPP pension is taxable income. Each spring you will receive a T4A indicating the amount of income tax deducted in the previous year. To make changes to the amount of income tax deducted you must complete and submit new federal and provincial tax forms. Read more.

Getting Started with SHEPPweb
SHEPPweb is the secure online pension information service for Plan members through which you can manage your personal information (including your beneficiaries) and perform calculations to help you plan for retirement. Read more.