Pension Information Sessions

What are Pension Information Sessions?

SHEPP is committed to providing Plan members with the information regarding their pension benefit needed to plan for retirement. Every spring and fall we travel throughout the province making presentations to Plan members at employer sponsored seminars and union conferences. These information sessions provide a general overview of Plan design, funded status, and contribution rates, as well as a detailed look at the Plan benefits. Members are provided with information regarding:

  • Normal retirement and early retirement eligibility;
  • The pension formula and how to calculate a pension benefit;
  • Normal and optional forms of pension; and
  • Termination options and other pre-retirement benefits.

In 2016 we made 30 presentations in 16 different locations throughout 11 health regions.

When and where can I attend a presentation?

Check the Pension Information Session Calendar to see when we'll be in your area or talk to your employer about scheduling a presentation in your workplace.