Welcome to the Saskatchewan Healthcare Employees' Pension Plan. As a member of the Plan you will be making regular contributions which will entitle you to a lifetime monthly pension in retirement. Designed with our new members mind, this section of the website provides information regarding the features of the Plan, including:

Understanding Your Pension Plan
You and your employer make contributions to the Plan which will provide you with a monthly lifetime pension in retirement, determined by a formula based on your contributory earnings and years of participation in the Plan. Read more.

Designating your Beneficiaries
Your beneficiaries may be entitled to certain benefits under the Plan should you die before retirement. Read more.

Getting Started with SHEPPweb
SHEPPweb is the secure online pension information service for Plan members through which you can manage your personal information (including your beneficiaries) and perform calculations to help you plan for retirement. Read more.

Maximizing your Pension Benefit
You may be eligible to purchase service or transfer service credits from a former employer's pension plan in order to maximize your pension benefit. Read more.