All current SHEPP active members can perform their own calculations by accessing SHEPPweb. Through this secure online portal you can access your personal pension record and perform calculations to either estimate your pension on retirement or estimate the cost to purchase service. These calculators were designed to help you plan for retirement and are for illustrative purposes only. For an official quote or to proceed with retirement or a service purchase, please contact SHEPP.

To use the Calculators:

  1. Sign in to SHEPPweb. If you've never used SHEPPweb before, check out Getting Started with SHEPPweb or view the Introduction to SHEPPweb video on the Video Tutorial page.
  2. Select "Use a Pension Calculator" from the Web Services menu on the left.
  3. Select either "Pension Projection", "Prior Service Purchase" or "Current Service Purchase" from the list.
  4. Enter all relevant information in the calculator.
  5. Click "Calculate."

You will find more information about the calculators and how to use them, on the following pages:

Pension Projection Calculator
The Pension Projection Calculator produces an estimate of the pension benefits you could receive upon your retirement. Read more.

Prior Service Purchase Calculator
You can buy eligible prior service under SHEPP for the purpose of increasing your pension and qualifying sooner for early retirement with an unreduced pension. Read more.

Current Service Purchase Calculator
If you are going on an unpaid Leave of Absence, you can purchase current service by remitting both yours and your employer's share of contributions. This enables you to keep building your pension as if you were still at work. Read more.

Video Tutorials
SHEPP has produced a number of video tutorials to help you better understand how to use SHEPPweb and to explain important aspects of the Plan. Read more.